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Please note that this site will no longer be maintained
and will be replaced by
http://fs-products.tuvasi.com for TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH approved products
and http://www.tuev-sued.de/unser_pruefzeichenkatalog for TÜV Automotive / TÜV Product Service approved products
in August 2015.

TUV Certification Policy

List of Type Approved Programmable Electronic Systems (PES) (PLCs)

List of type approved Solid State Controllers

  Wartungseingriffe, Maintenance Override, Version 2.2, 08. September 1994

Wartungseingriffe, Maintenance Override, Draft Version 3.0, 20. October 2000
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TÜV Rheinland Group
TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH
Automation - Functional Safety (A-FS)
Am Grauen Stein
D-51105 Köln / Cologne

Germany: Heinz Gall ph: +49-221-806-1790
Germany: Stephan Häb ph: +49-221-806-2310
USA: Joseph Lenner
ph: +1-617-447-6120
Japan: Joachim Iden ph: +81-6-6355-5732
China: Bin Zhao ph: +85-104 86 10 6566 6660-104

Homepage: http://www.tuvasi.com
Database of Functional Safety Certificates: http://www.fs-products.com
TÜV Automotive / TÜV Product Service
Automation, Software and Electronics
Ridlerstrasse 65
D-80339 Munich/Germany

Nat. / Internat. : Jürgen Blum ph: +49-89-5791-2275
Nat. / Internat. : Günter Greil ph: +49-89-5791-2278
USA: Karen Grantham
ph: +1-858-566-2556
Japan: Asai Yoshinaho ph: +81-3-3372-4294
Asia Pacific: Peerasan Supavatanakul
China: Yong Zhao ph: +86-(0)-10-6590-6186 ext 301

Homepage: http://www.tuev-sued.de/rail/maschinensicherheitsbauteile_/_steuerungen

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